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All patterns are original designs created myself from concept, to drawing, to glass piece.
I am currently using many different techniques to create new and different versions of equine glass art. Some of these include using jewelry, beadwork, wirework, and found items such as sea glass to enhance the beauty and style of the glass pieces I create.
You will see many different styles and versions of horses on this website. Everything from Art Deco to Abstract and everything in between. I get many of my ideas from the internet and use these ideas to create some truly unique and different designs that push the envelope of stained glass
Other than artistic pieces I seek to design my horses in breed specific designs.  What does that mean?  It means that I design the horses from photos, pictures, artwork, etc that is specific to a particular breed and is marked as such.  I keep the individual breeds characteristics in mind while designing and make the glass piece look, not just like any horse…  but like particular breeds.  However, because horses vary, and different angles can cause some breeds to look similar, if the design looks like your horse… it is your horse and whatever I have it marked as, doesn’t really matter.
I love to find ways to put in the details and have developed a way to put detail even into the face of the smaller suncatchers. My all tacked up designs seek to put as much detail into the tack as possible per the size of the design. I am always developing new ways to add details into my horse designs.

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