FAQ Answers to Your Questions

What is “Real” stained glass?
There are many imitators that recreate the look of stained glass which can include paints, stick on lead, glue on colors and melted plastic beads to name a few. But “real” stained glass is created by cutting each individual piece out of different panes of colored glass that are created in a furnace at the glass manufacturer. These pieces are cut to fit, then surrounded by a lead came or copper foil and soldered together to make the finished stained glass piece. More time consuming than the faux methods “real” stained glass does not fade, crack off, or unstick and if taken care of properly will last many lifetimes. (Check it out on my information page)
Why does “Real” stained glass cost so much?
The simple answer is that creating a stained glass piece that involves cutting all individual pieces out of separate panes of glass, shaping them, wrapping them in foil or came, then putting them back together and soldering them is a time consuming project. Since time is money. . . it is more costly than the faux methods of glass painting or others. Also, faux painting uses plain window glass as a base and is much less costly than individual panes of colored and textured glass that are used in “real” stained glass production.
Why is the stained glass in the Big Box stores so much less expensive?
Because it is purchased overseas where the labor cost is much less than here in the US. . .   Mexican or Chinese workers doing stained glass projects (real) may only be making 50 cents or one dollar an hour, therefore, the stained glass imported from these countries cost less. But if you look closely, they are also not as high in craftsmanship or quality either. You will not be able to choose your colors or have someone to repair you item if it is broken. If you find just what you want at a box store. . . it may be your best bet, but if you want that item truly customized for you, you will need to contact a stained glass professional.
Do I sell my work?
Yes and no.  I always have some pieces that are extra and are available for sale and no, because of a chronic back problem I have to limit my craft to a couple of hours a day so I can’t make as many pieces as I would like. Please contact me if you see something you like and I can tell you if and when it may be available.  
Will I sell my patterns?
Yes I do.  Because of my limited ability to make stained glass I am happy to sell almost any of my patterns to willing glass artists or other crafters for use in their crafts.  Please contact me if you are looking to purchase a pattern.  Full size patterns (over 8 1/2 X 11 inches) are $5.00 plus tax and Suncatcher size patterns (under 8 1/2 x 11 inches) are $3.00 plus tax.  The patterns are delivered to your email as a pdf and full patterns can be made any size for your use.   

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